Saturday, August 2, 2014

Writing Does Not Always Mean Writing Literature

For those who did not read the classics, and cannot recognize staunched literary quotes, all is not lost when willing to find a voice within the writing of their own.  Many genres are open to writers with a particular skill set that is not literary, necessarily.  Here are a few niches where the authors who fit into these genres, can find life-long, financially rewarding careers through inclusion of specific elements sought by the publisher and the readership.

  • Horror
  • Erotica
  • Romance Novels - with publishers like Harlequin
  • Non-fiction How-to as a Professional in Specific Topic 
  • Travel Writing
  • Environmental
Adherence to grammar is not the same thing as literature, as occasionally assumed.  Many great authors of literature made grammatical errors which came out more as artistic decisions rather than errors, as these notable choices led to distinct voice in the writing, or soul in the prose.  The niches, listed here, require writers to adhere to recognizable aspects within the writing that readers of these niche groups look for; even then, however, there are rule breakers who surprise and astonish their readership with fresh, new, and different writing.

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