Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Facebook Pages for an Author's Book - is it Really Effective?

During most Facebook interactions, creative types and authors often find less business, more chat, and liking hilarious, puppy photo posts rather than getting down to selling more books.  So, when working on a platform, knowing how much extra work, writing, formatting, and posting goes into each spoke of the platform wheel, it is crucial to make decisions about where these efforts will be most effective for an author's valuable time.  Afterall, it could be book writing time that is spent at these outposts, but these are where a readership gets met with and believes in the value of the author's content.  In other words, a post about the author's cat, just might get people thinking about trying or downloading the book sample on the same page.  Buried under posts that are beyond an author's control, however, could be the link to the book or even an excerpt.  That's when Facebook pages, in addition to the Facebook site come into play as being worth the effort, although they are like their own page, they can have all the friend links and friend posts, as exist on the main page. In other words, authors should definitely add the page feature - just for author/novel content.

Two effective strategies to making this time consuming - and tangent creating - social media avenue worth every hour

1.  Use Aweber's mail list creator to add to your novel's page.  A great tutorial can be found at The Creative Penn, by Joanna Penn.
2.  Create a blog tour for your book.  A terrific tutorial can be found on Youtube by Mandy Lynn, a teen author who shares her experiences in self-publishing and what she calls 'doing it right'.

Both strategies, along with a page for the book on Facebook, can bring along a readership with a place to connect and be heard.  Readers and book bloggers have a resource to connect with the author, directly, or comment and share, well, hilarious puppy photos.  : )

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