Saturday, August 1, 2015

Two New Resources Found at Camp

Joining a writer's group is a common suggestion to any writer who wonders aloud about improving their skills, but writer's groups are not open to newcomers, everyday, and good matches aren't always easy to stumble upon.  Camp NaNoWriMo an off-shoot of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) has sort of a writer's group appeal to it.  Cabins and cabin-mates are optional and can be created with friends or acquaintances.  They can also be filled with encouraging strangers.  It isn't necessary to join a cabin for the writer's group sort of attention, however, as each 'camper' has email notices, links to resources, the forum, and a Youtube channel with all sorts of information from camp counselors and guest speaking authors.  The goodies for winning often reveal many new resources in the Indie Publishing business.  This year's tips from the goodie bag to pass along to writer's who missed camp include:
The Author Marketing Club and Inked Voices

Inked Voices is a community that groups authors into online, writing groups.  The criteria for group finding is controllable by each writer in a multiple choice format to determine the writer's group 'match' for new members.  Writer's groups can also be shopped and changed after joining, so there is little risk in getting involved.  Also, there are structured writing critiques and many perks and extras for members.  There is a cost, per month.  One goodie from camp was a discount.

The Author Marketing Club boasts a membership of more than 25,000 authors.  The main perk, here, seems to be that it demystifies Kindle and Amazon, a bit, for independently published authors. Secrets the large publishers probably either know, or don't have to because of the amount of business they do with the top book-seller are revealed like a Review Grabber.  Amazon has scads of reviewers who actually have a page where they post their bios and email addresses, so indie authors can request reviews of their books.  That and a few tips on pricing and coding, insider valuables, that kind of thing.  This site also requires a monthly or annual fee be paid before the secrets are revealed.  Good to know, though, certainly.

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