Monday, November 3, 2014

Is NaNoWriMo a Terrible Way to Write a Book?

Maybe.  I don't know, but it has motivated hundreds of thousands of writers to actually become authors.  In otherwords, to not only write a book, but to market it, sell it, show up (somewhere!) about it, and maybe even read it out loud (with people in the room - gasp!).  If you are an introvert, their type of on-line marketing works to encourage even the most computer cubbied individual out into the cyber world with their own voice, writing, works, and even continue on to creating platforms and indie publishing.  Join up if you are extroverted, too.  There are always places for the socializing and friend listing to occur.  More NaNo's make friends within the month than even Facebook or Twitter.  Valuable peeps to know and work with along the way to published author are worth remembering, here, in this blog post and definitely at the end of this month when that (sometimes elusive) DONE button is to be pushed with the 50,000 words behind it.
Its not the worst way to write a novel.  Probably on a train.  Just guessing.

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