Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Get Involved as an Author

Going to events to talk about your books, sell them, build an email list, or to connect with readers is part of the act of being an author.  Writing novels is a solitary event, so social interaction with the fact that you are an author being a key element in the event, nurtures your lonely soul.  No, really, it provides you that essential acknowledgement that tells your brain that work time alone was good for you, and good for your life.  I realized this by tricking my self into writing with gummy bear rewards.  Soon, I would 'go write' for the sheer craving of gummy bears, like a trained seal for fish.

A much healthier habit is social interaction with you being an author as the focus.  Social media is one way of interacting on this level.  Create a facebook page for your book, or in your pen name as an author.  After writing, connect with people who want to also chat about writing or read a new book. Author groups are another example and Nanowrimo has ways to socially connect with authors during a month of intense writing time spent alone.

Local events can be found by joining Facebook.com:  click on the groups tab, and then click local groups.  You may have to create a group of your own, or consider being part of an online group that has a broader reach. Author workshops and book fairs often have information about writer's groups; or, check local bookstore bulletin boards for posted openings, or post your contact information for a group to join.

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