Friday, July 25, 2014

And... Done!!

Last night I went to pizza with my kid to celebrate my pushing of the Validate button; having just reached my Camp NaNoWriMo word count - at the table.  Here's why the post: that button is NOT easy to find.  Turns out, I actually didn't validate my word count - a necessary step to winning and finishing at camp as a victorious camper/writer.

If you have validated your words, without the banners to the right, here, showing up with a blue ribbon WINNER badge, you did not find the button either.  This morning, luckily, I checked the same website on my phone.  I had thought it quite uneventful last night - no badges, bells, or whistles. The little validate button is under the window that looks like a Boones Ferry sign-in box, or old ghost town window.  You have to scroll down - and even reduce the magnification of your screen content to see the button.

Now, I am a winner. Willow is ready for writing, as I was in the Pre-writing classification.

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