Monday, June 9, 2014

Twittering for Authors

I recently set my intention to switch the amount of time I spent pinning on Pinterest to tweeting on Twitter.  I was blessed to have been sent a tweet from author-most-high Margaret Atwood!!  I immediately signed up and clicked 'YES' to the question about having her tweets sent to me SMS. SMS meant receiving the tweets as direct text messages.  I was sure I wouldn't miss a tweet.  I didn't, but I began to delete them 4 at a time without even reading them.  Could Margaret Atwood get annoying? No!!  She's just signed her MaddAddam series with HBO and her tweets were updates like, "Met with HBO directors today - lovely people!"  Although she didn't write 'lovely'.  Every topic caught my eye, like her real-live text from the Book Festival in England's Author Downs (or where-ever it was held buzzing with authors like Atwood and
Gaiman).  But.. I began having to sift through her texts to get to people I really had messaged that day.  Lost in 20 tweet-texts, I'd missed my son and his girlfriend asking to meet up.  Damn!  

Long story short, I KNOW why Margaret Atwood is signed with HBO and can basically do or write anything she wants... she tweets like a champion - twenty, thirty a day - no 40.  Sure, she's a brilliant author - one twitterer texted (me and Margaret) that she'd destroy herself if the series doesn't turn out as good as the books - but she is just as brilliant at twittering.  Somewhere there's a brilliant author who can learn from this experience I'm having (because I can't figure out how to turn Margaret back to tweets on twitter and out of my SMS texts).  What I've experienced is that by upping your tweets - and texting them - people respond.  It's life content not web content, magically.  Write great books, always your best, but for god sakes this SMS twittering could be met the best response - readers reading the books!  There's hope, anyway.  And wow that English book fest sure sounded fun.  Although meeting up with my kids would have been great too - its just that I'm sure Margaret has figured out both in her twitters and texts - she probably uses the Lists feature, too.  And I am sure, from this experience that Margaret pays someone - or has someone with her - a small, walking fish, perhaps, who twitters every passing whim or maybe just tweets us every time she raised her sceptor, I don't know.  Anyway, with HBO now at the MaddAddam helm, I'm sure we'll be pinning characters and costumes with her sensitive fans avoiding self-destruction.

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