Friday, June 20, 2014

A Novel in a Month!

Most writers know about NaNoWriMo.  We even know what the acronym means! It stands for National Novel Writing Month - spelled out the long way. In its short version, it is an organization who encourages the act of writing a novel in just one month.  Since November is the official, national novel writing month, it is also the org's most attended event, and its held every November from All Saints Day (or Day of the Dead) through the midnight deadline of November 30th.  The orgs first time out boasted about 100 novels but now has over 500,000 novel writing members whom have gotten their novels done in one month with the group.
The famed New York times best sellers list has had several NaNoWriMo authors grace its list who still belong to NaNoWriMo.  Its a great way to get going and
reach that completed novel goal for the first time.
November is quite far away from now, though, so why would this post be about NaNoWriMo in June?  The answer is: Summer Camp!! NaNoWriMo has held camps for the last few years and this one is a July event Summer Camp.  There will be all sorts of terrible puns about making smores and singing camp songs.  Writers will have cabins and probably have to go to the archery tent, or something.  Just like summer camp the puns of camp counselors won't be inspiring any good writing, although your first kiss might be what you avoid. I have decided to go as motivation to get more writing - another novel - done.  All this blogging, lately has interfered with my new book getting written, so the challenge of camp - I think - will help me focus. Now, for the reason I blogged about summer camp - its easy, at this camp, to sign out and go home. There's no call from the camp counselor to a parent who encourages sticking it out, and the other campers won't notice you're gone.  This admission, here on this blog, might keep me cabin bound instead of giving up.
I'll update and add links, HERE, to where I'll be writing and where more campers can be found. Maybe we'll play a rousing game of Capture the Flag, somewhere.  If I know the fantasy genre.. another blog post somewhere, another time.  I must go now, I think I hear wuss tunes starting up and an ocarina in the background.  Signing out.  If you're a fellow camper - high five!!

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